Don’t waste paper – use e-writing board

Let’s face it – we use a ton of paper. Sticky note here, little notebook for some sketches there, another paper with your TODO list. And of course, kids love to draw, again, on paper. Every wasted page is contributing to major ecological problems. But can we do something about it?

Get yourself one of these cheap LCD writing boards/tablets. They run on single coin-cell battery which will last for years. How is it possible? The energy from the battery is used only for clearing the writing surface. The writing board itself is quite handy gadget for your office and your child, too.

8.5 inches are pretty decent size for writing board. Take notes, create TODO lists, sketch some ideas or just have fun. The writing board is very lightweight and very durable – I dropped it on floor to see if it would break, but this thing is really solid. As for the cost, it’s about $6, which is great price. The device comes with pre-installed battery and stylus.

The only disadvantage of this device is its performance in places with low level of lighting. It’s a bit tricky to see the writing.

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